Frequently Asked Questions

We know that you might have a bunch of questions about how all of this might work. We are here to help. These are some of the most common questions we are asked about our farm, animals, products and process. If you have more questions feel free to contact us.

How do you buy a quarter/half/whole pig or cow and how it works.

Many first time family buyers start with a quarter beef or a half of a pig (and around 10-20 chickens). This will fill their freezer until the next butcher season comes around.

With a quarter beef/pork, we take a blend of the front and the hind side and split it with a second customer that also orders a quarter. So you get a bit of the front and a bit of the hind. We have a template cut sheet with the most popular cuts to ensure all customers are happy. See what’s in a quarter beef here and a quarter pork here.

When you order a half/whole beef or pork, we provide you with the cut sheet and you customize your cuts to your preference. We can walk you through the sheet to ensure you’re familiar with best choice cuts etc. over the phone, via email or in person.

Once I put a deposit down, when will I receive my meat?

Our butcher season happens shortly before the snow flies which can be anywhere from Sept – end of November. Once you place your deposit, we will put it into the order list and contact you with the butcher date. Our beef hangs/dry ages for three weeks, then the cutting/wrapping process can take a week so you will be looking at four weeks from the date of butcher.

The pigs don’t have a hang time so the cutting and wrapping generally takes a week from the scheduled butcher date.

Chickens are ready the same day as the butcher day. We will give you several weeks notice prior to your order’s butcher date.

How do you charge? Are butcher fees included?

The cost is $7.50 per pound for beef, cut and wrapped, ready for your freezer – butcher fees are already included in this.

  • A quarter beef is approx. 85 – 95 pounds of meat for your freezer at $640 – 712.00
  • A half beef is approx. 150 – 180 pounds of meat for your freezer at $1125 – $1350
  • A whole beef is approx. 300 – 360 pounds of meat for your freezer at $2250 – $2700

The cost is $6.75 per pound of pork, cut and wrapped, ready for your freezer – butcher fees are already included in this price.

  • A quarter pork is approx. 30 – 40 pounds of meat for your freezer at $200 – $270
  • A half pork is approx. 60 – 80 pounds of meat for your freezer at $400 – 540
  • A whole pork is approx. 120 – 160 pounds of meat for your freezer at $810 – 1080

 The cost of chicken is $5/lb, all in. Our chickens usually weigh between 3 – 5 pounds.

What is fodder and why does fodder fed animals matter to me?

Certified Organic barley seeds are put in one end of the fodder machine, the system irrigates every hour, controlling humidity and temperature. Over six days the seeds sprout, the roots mass together and the barley seeds grow into four inches of beautiful (and tasty) grass. It comes out looking like this;

Fodder has a great nutritional profile for animals with high protein levels, moisture content and the digestibility is 80% (as opposed to 20% for feeding dry grain/hay). Fodder is dense with nutrients, minerals and live enzymes (which aides in the digestion and absorption for the animal). Fodder contributes to the overall herd health, increased milk fats providing healthy babies and the list goes on and on.

Do you sell chickens cut up/in pieces?

Not yet, however this is our future intention. We require a commercial kitchen to do so and are working on this now. Stay tuned on our newsletter email list here!